Saturday, March 17, 2018

Self-centered and entitled

People with an attitude of entitlement are a drain on the world. A net negative.

I know someone like this. She believes the world and all those in it exist for her convenience. If she wants someone to go out of their way for her, and they dare say "no", her response is "What are you doing that's so important that you can't?" She believes if someone has something they aren't currently using, she should be able to take it if she wants it. The world revolves around her, and yet she despises people she sees as needing to be the "center of attention".

Of course, this is the same attitude held by most government employees.

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  1. The basis for natural normal human social organization is homicide(ref; human history). Whatever one party wants, they either get it or kill for it, or die trying.

    Thus that is always the answer; kill people. Killing people to get what you want is the right thing to do.

  2. So true, Kent. One of the biggest bars to a self centered and entitled person fixing their behavior is a truly rabid attitude of denial. I knew someone who was actually trying to improve that about herself but the denial tripped her up so many times she had to work very hard to even know what she was doing before she could fix it. It seems like the denial and self deception are intentionally planned in by the people who train others to be like this via the schools and media.

    1. Improvement seminars are good for that sort of thing, except that they don't work. They do make people feel good about being inherently evil humans though.

      Homicide fixes everything. That is why it is always the answer, why it is the default means of human organization.

      A bullet is much cheaper than self improvement courses, and not near the same trouble of actually helping someone become a better evil human. So the right thing to do is homicide.