Saturday, April 28, 2018

Cops: good, bad, or something else?

I say cops are bad guys, but that is not a popular observation. Many people desperately want to cling to their belief that cops are good guys. Yeah, it's kind of pathetic, but that's how they are.

But there's a third position which I've seen hinted at that is about halfway between the two views. It deserves consideration.

It seems these people will almost admit that cops are bad guys. Maybe the best way to express it is they see cops as "tough guys" hired by "us" so they can be bad toward (freelance) bad guys on our behalf. Like a big brother who beats up our bully so we don't have to.

At least it's more honest than claiming cops are good guys. That claim is demonstrably absurd. This halfway claim is still a little sad.

It's an admission that the cop supporter isn't responsible or competent enough to handle his own problems. And that he's OK with innocent people getting hurt as long as he "feels safe".

Cops frequently beat up (or shoot, kidnap, or rob) the wrong person. People who weren't actually doing anything to anyone, but just minding their own business in a way someone else might not like. So beating them up is wrong. Killing them for defending themselves-- or trying to escape-- from a cop is murder.

If cops were even slightly on the right side, they would accept their responsibility when they molest the innocent, and they would take the consequences (rather than allowing their "tax" victims to pay for their crimes). Cops don't do this. Cops are nasty.

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  1. Cops are mostly trying to be good. We're told from an early age that they're good guys, and that our government is good. Most cops, and a lot of government workers are decent folks who try to do good.

    But, it's all built on the lie of benevolent government. We know that government is readily corrupted, and dangerously corrupting. We know that given any slack, government immediately abuses its powers, then hides its malfeasance, and the corruption spreads in darkness. The good intentions of people don't matter.

    It's hard to be good when you work for the devil.

    1. If government is "readily corrupted", there must somewhere be a government that is good. If a car is corrupted by rust, it's implied that there is such a thing as a car whose paintwork is perfect.

      Can you name an example of a good government?