Sunday, April 15, 2018

Not a fan

...of government.
"Government is a group of people organizing to hire someone to say magic words at religious ceremonies and write on paper what the people who hired them want everyone within a claimed territory is supposed to be and do, then hiring an army of people in funny clothes with weapons to make everyone within said territory obey what the paper says or be punished with up to and including being murdered for noncompliance. 
That is the definition of a terrorist organization or violent gang." ~ Anonymous

When someone is right, they are right.

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  1. Clear your mind, reduce everything to it's most rudimentary factual form and apply simple direct logic. Describe government as if you are interpreting it from the perspective of a pre-brainwashed ignorant observant 4 year old child.

    That's what you get, ...or how I did anyway. ...and because that's what it is.

    Now take expand on that premise and apply it to other groups of people who do the same things. They are called gangs, terrorist organizations, governments, mafias, cults, and a few more I can't think of right now.

    Now consider how people respond to those groups who do those things. It seems they hate some and want to war with them and do them all sorts of harm, while others they support, are proud and defensive of. They seem to support the ones with a close proximity to their birth place that kill the most people (called governments).

  2. Another way to keep things real is to try to view humans from the objective perspective of an extraterrestrial scientist studying and lecturing on our species.

    (It's a little more entertaining in my opinion)

    "They worship books and curtains that they believe rule specific geographic areas and put forth enormous effort into organizing an intense and deadly sport whereby they use their best trade methods and resources and dress up as trees and rocks and use their best technology to compete to annihilate other groups of humans who worship different types of books and curtains who rule other areas, even killing millions of each other's children."