Sunday, April 08, 2018

Smart people unwittingly embarrassing themselves

I feel embarrassed for people who assume that governing of others is legitimate and necessary.

They'll be speaking right along, making good sense, and suddenly they slip. They'll say something in support of some theft-funded government program, or democrazy, or some politician. Or even more likely, they'll randomly bash a politician or policy that goes against how they think humans should be managed, robbed, and controlled.

Their credibility takes a hit, and I suddenly feel embarrassed for them. My daughter would call this kind of gaff "cringeworthy".

They don't even realize they goofed. They'll believe they stayed consistent and rational and smart, even while expressing their belief in an ancient superstitious belief in "authority" or government.

If you're trying to impress others by how smart you are, but you don't see that theft is wrong when you like where the stolen money will go, your "argument" falls flat on its face.

Sometimes their lecture or article is otherwise pure gold, but then they feel the need to insert these air pockets of absurdity-- voids of statist "woo"-- which take away from the value of the rest. The rest of what they say might be based on firm facts and evidence, but they sneak the statism in there so it will be mistaken for fact, too. It's not. It's opinion. Very weak and baseless opinion. That's all that excuses statism.

I shouldn't be embarrassed for other people when they say stupid things. But I am. I can't help it. I want to help them stop saying dumb things and embarrassing themselves. But when they refuse to see that what they said is dumb, due to being blinded by their superstition, they won't believe they need to change. It's sad. And painfully embarrassing.

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  1. They are brainwashed to accept statism as the default and sole means of social organization. They are the people who say/think "You have to have some kind of government." when they really mean "You have to have some kind of social organization".

    Most people like that aren't fully considering or recognizing how unethical government is. They rationalize it as normal or necessary or exceptional or something.

    And most will never be convinced either. They will still go to the voting booth or otherwise support and obey their masters and teach their children how to enslave yours with government. You have to kill them all if you want to be free, if you want the same for your descendants.

    You have a right to do so if their gang claims your home as territory and you/family as subjects and imposes a violent system of organization. It is defense. Killing statists isn't murder if it is to prevent them from being a statist. If your neighbor can hire men to wear funny clothes say magic words and coerce/murder/cage you with weapons to force their opinions onto you and yours, you can do whatever you must to neutralize them. Killing, enslaving, caging, etc. your neighbor is perfectly acceptable if they are a statist. Not only is it defense and/or restitution, but also the only terms they accept.


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    2. It worked well enough that I was able to see the meme by copying and pasting the link.
      And, yeah. But isn't that part of the definition of stupidity? Or a characteristic, anyway? LOL.