Monday, July 09, 2018

America's Sharia Law

(Updated for reposting-- originally posted 1/19/2011)

One of the reasons I hear coming from "conservatives" for invading and occupying Islamic countries is so "they" won't take over America and force Sharia "law" on "us". You know, kind of an extension of the "fight them there so we don't have to fight them here" excuse.

True, have no wish to live under such a brutal and primitive, and painfully stupid, system. But doesn't that mean we should deal with the mote in our own eye and get rid of our own version of Sharia "law" too? Otherwise we are just being hypocritical. Again.

Sharia law is no more obscene than most of the counterfeit laws in America. Kidnapping and murdering people over plants? Or chemicals? Or because they refuse to facilitate their own muggings? "Laws" based on what people claim their god wants?

If we refuse to put up with being ruled by Sharia "law", why don't we refuse the US equivalent and refuse to tolerate drug laws, gun lawssex lawstax laws, seatbelt laws, property codes, obscenity laws... and the list goes on almost infinitely to embrace any and all "laws", based on a religion, which attempt to control or regulate anything other than actual aggression or theft.

Sorry, but if your god approves of the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs, or government sanctioned (or prohibited) marriage, or 99%+ of the rest of the things that "The Law" concerns itself with, your god is a monster. And if you continue to follow your god (whatever name you call him) in spite of his monstrosity, then you are no better. And if you think it is a good idea to impose "laws" like this, and enforce them against your neighbors who may not share your religion, you should be happy with Sharia "law". As for me, I'll take liberty and respect yours as well.

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  1. agree. thug laws and slavery exists.

    important practical point: ruthless use of force is "power".
    resisting sharia when there are a few nutjobs=possible with defense of self.
    resisting sharia when there are 90%+ nutjobs= suicide. time to move, or adapt to the situation.

    same with uncle sam, poppa joe, mohammed; any thug.
    ruthless use of force compels obedience and imposes slavery.

    self preservation: as much as possible, avoid thugs/circumstances where thugs can grind us out of existence. manipulate/deal with imminent threats and low level thugs as necessary. but stay below the radar- or get ground down in the system (courts,etc). consider Waco, Nez Perce people, the war of northern aggression, samuel and vicki weaver, Levoy Finicum. There are motivated thugs yearning to keep the slaves in their place.

    half of my family was in rural eastern europe, behind the iron curtain. they survived by keeping most of their lives&businesses under the radar, buying off corruptocrats, and disappearing the motivated true believers. strong resilient groups along family lines. personal interactions between groups of slaves on the basis of respect. same as today, on this plantation.

    Because the thuggery has become so invasive in more and more aspects of life, AND so overpowering- there is no Liberty. not at the macro level. Just in little pockets not yet taken over by the state. people adapt/make due, if their eyes are wide open; if they see the thuggocracy for what it is.

  2. "personal interactions between groups of slaves on the basis of respect. same as today, on this plantation."

    most people do not initiate force, try to abuse or take others into slavery.
    It is the thug sociopath minority who ruin it for everyone else.

  3. A couple years ago, after seeing several people who actually favor shariah laws complaining about the imagined threat of Muslims imposing shariah laws, I spent a month keeping track of every news story I saw about shariah laws in the US. It turned out to be a fairly long list, and they were all imposed by Christians or Environmentalists.

  4. Tammany Hall, sharia, the Fed, Pol Pot, Lincoln, Soetoro, Mao, Maduro, the EPA, BLM, Grant, Castro, Cromwell, Stalin, King Henry & Bloody Mary, - samo samo

    violent thugs who impose their will, sociopaths who yearn to rule/enslave their neighbors

    sociopaths not stopped.
    "good people" wait to long to defend themselves, imho.

    1. add to list of worst offenders- ... Wilson, FDR, MS13, LBJ, MCCain, Clintons, Jinping, Hamilton, Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York.

  5. "And if you think it is a good idea to impose "laws" like this, and enforce them against your neighbors who may not share your religion, you should be happy with Sharia "law". As for me, I'll take liberty and respect yours as well." -Kent

    As for me, I'll take liberty, and respect yours as well, as long as you respect mine. But if you think it is a good idea to impose "laws" like this and enforce them against your neighbors who may not share your religion, then you are initiating violence and attempting slavery- and others are now free to defend themselves; to decimate you and your ideology, root, stem, and branch. Thoughtful and deliberate: Defense against slavery. Liberty or Death.[or the planet goes to the sociopaths]

  6. I may disagree strenuously with the idea of religion, regardless of which one it is, but I will certainly never tell anyone they can't have their religion and follow it's tenets and teachings; Right up until their teachings infringe on my life. Then I will end it.

    That said, I have noted the same trend you have, Ken. I've also been monitoring that for several years. It's unmistakeable. And sickening, especially when you factor in the hypocrisy practiced by these deranged and delusional individual.

    Yes, they are delusional, based on the difference between faith and delusion, as follows:

    Faith is the ability to form and hold a conclusion in the complete absence of supporting evidence, or in the face of evidence to the contrary.

    Delusion is the ability to form and hold a conclusion in the face of evidence to the contrary, or even the complete absence of supporting evidence.

    Why do so many so-called libertarians continue to allow the archation and threat of archation by a provably dlusional segment of the populace? Worse why do so many honor and respect these delusional nutbags?

    If we are ever going to be free, we need to stop honoring or giving a free pass to ALL the practitioners of Sharia. Not just the Muslims, but the EcoFreaks, the Marxists, the Christians, the Buddhists, and the Statists.

    Until we get this poisonous influence out of our minds, and our lives we will continue to be enslaved. That is all religion (of ANY kind) has ever been; A cruelly employed tool for the purpouse of enslaving entire populations to the benefit of a select few megalomaniacal psychopaths.

    Live free. Live well. Be responsible. Think for yourself. Don't archate.

    It's not hard to do.


  7. gov't is a religion.
    hope that some external magic will save you, from bad people, from your own responsibilities; and give you gifts from the sky- like free medicine, roads, and schools that never existed before godgovt gave them to the inept followers. /lol

  8. "gov't is a religion"

    That's what I was saying here "...and the Statists."

    When I say Religion of ANY kind, that is exactly what I mean.