Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Between too much chaos and too much order, there's anarchy. Balance.

Between aggression and pacifism, there's self-defense. Balance.

Between a locked-down prison state with militarized "borders" and mass invasion of hordes of handout seekers, there are property rights. Balance.

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  1. Hi Kent,

    Read your link about property rights. I agree with the principle that whoever owns private property can choose who to let onto it. Curious what your current thinking is about the problem of locking people out of their property, or the property to which they are invited, when one or more people acquire all the surrounding property and then deny you ingress or egress. Example: someone acquires the property rights to all the roads surrounding a subdivision of houses or businesses, and then either flatly refuses to allow anyone to cross their property, or charges extortion tolls (say, $100,00 to cross the road -- or demands that you hand over the property you own for $1 in order to leave the trap they've created).

    Clearly you have to right to stay alive. Is that aggression if someone locks you into your own property by buying the surrounding property, and thus you have the right to self-defense to use whatever force is necessary to leave it?

    Jim Henshaw

    1. Somewhere I have a blog post I wrote about that kind of situation... I'm trying to find it but having no luck so far. I'll keep looking before I try to write it out again.

    2. I can't find that post, so I'll write a new one soon.