Wednesday, August 08, 2018

3D printed guns might actually help

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for August 8, 2018)

Why all the uproar over 3D printed guns? It has always been fairly easy to make guns at home. Having the computer code available online won't change anything. People enjoy weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth over the silliest the rest...

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  1. re this: "It will still be (unconstitutionally) illegal to sell printed guns without government approval."

    My understanding is that it is legal everywhere, now that the feds caved in the Defense Distributed case where they now can put 3d blueprint code online:

    1. It's legal to print guns, not to sell them after you print them... unless you got the FFL, I'm supposing.

      And, as you point out below, they've shut down the Defense Distributed site again. Good thing there are other options.

  2. Whoops, some D politicians got a TRO blocking any further distribution of plastic gun schematics, and MA Atty General is declaring them illegal.

  3. "it is legal everywhere"

    In the Constitutional Republic, no law which infringes CAN be legal.
    It would contradict the very foundation of "the law" itself.

    If no Constitution, then the Republic is WROL; there is no law, so that solves that.

    "it is legal everywhere"

    1. That's my belief as well. As well as the fact that natural rights trump any "laws" or constitutions, anyway.