Tuesday, August 07, 2018

You and your "laws"

If you claim to honor the Constitution, and you want a law enforced that's not allowed by the Constitution (which is therefore not a real law even by your questionable standards) you are mixed up.

If the "law" you want people to be forced at gunpoint to obey is not explicitly allowed by the Constitution, or is prohibited by it, then it can't be a law. Not in America under the current government (regardless of how the humans working in that government feel about it).

That means if you are demanding people be forced to obey these "laws" you are the one promoting lawlessness. Not them.

And not the wholesome kind of lawlessness, either, but the toxic kind. The "forced at gunpoint" part is what gives it away.

If the "law" you want people to be forced at gunpoint to obey violates human rights or liberty in any way, even if specifically permitted by the Constitution, it is a counterfeit "law", and enforcing it is wrong. Even if you agree with it. Even if you like it. Even if you believe it is necessary. Even if you imagine ruin unless it is enforced.

If you have a double-standard, where you oppose counterfeit "laws" which go against what you want, but will happily impose counterfeit "laws" on others which violate them in the same way, you are not on the side of liberty. Or rights, ethics, or principles.

I have no respect for "laws" or for people who want to impose "laws" on others. It's a disgusting thing to see.

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  1. There is a technical term for those who follow a double standard, whether it is a "applies to thee, but not o me," double standard, or a "I oppose counterfeit laws, except for pushing / making /applying them to people / issues which I dislike / which scare me / which my invisible sky daddy says are bad,"; That term is HYPOCRITE, and the practice itself is HYPOCRISY.

    I share your disgust at these practices, and I applaud you for calling them out. If more people would publicly call out these horrific practices and the people who engage in them, we would likely have a less peaceful world in the short term. In the long term, however, things might improve, if there are sufficient people capable of rational thought.

    I want to thank you for being here, day after day, fighting the battle against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. It's been a pleasure, and an honor reading your blog.

    Shinseiko, who may have been on the losing side, but not the wrong one...

  2. ideas so good, people have to be forced at gunpoint against their will to comply