Thursday, September 20, 2018

When a "child" isn't a child

Cody Wilson, of 3D-printed gun fame, has been targeted by the State for "sexual assault on a child". This is a lie.

If it's consensual, it isn't "assault". If it's a business deal-- a trade-- it is mutually consensual. He is said to have paid her for sex; that makes it a trade.

But then we get to the part that trips up even supposed liberty-lovers: that she is claimed to be a child.

The girl in question is said to be 16 years old. Very few 16 year-olds are still a child. I doubt very strongly this girl is one of those rare exceptions.

Biologically, childhood ends at puberty; very few people are still biological children at 16 years of age. Mentally it ends somewhat later-- some people never mature-- but it would be a rare person who is still a mental child at 16.

That doesn't mean the person who is no longer a child is an adult.

To pretend a person is either a child or an adult is dishonest. No, adolescents are not adults, but neither are they children. They shouldn't be treated as children, nor considered children.

Biologically, adulthood is reached at about 25 years of age, when the wisdom teeth mature and the prefrontal cortex of the brain finishes developing. The brain development also indicates mental adulthood, and (hopefully) emotional and psychological adulthood. Thank goodness the puritans of the State haven't (generally) insisted on biological adulthood before considering a person to be an adult.

So, maybe the 16 year-old in question wasn't an adult, but she almost certainly wasn't a child, either.

It is said she was a prostitute, and like it or not, that's going to be the end of mental and emotional childhood no matter the biological reality. This is one reason child prostitution (and child sexual abuse of other kinds) is so horrific-- it forces the end of emotional childhood much too early.

I know people want a clear line in the sand, and this causes them to buy into the State's convenient lie that under 18 equals "child". That's no excuse; it is intellectual and ethical laziness.

If Cody Wilson did what he is accused of, it wasn't smart. But neither was it "assault" or "sex with a child", and it shouldn't be a crime.

This is purely a politically motivated charge, and was most likely a set-up from the beginning. Stop supporting Wilson if you feel you must, but don't turn on him like the true perverts of the State want you to.

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  1. The problem with this topic is many people endeavor to turn a rational conversation into an emotional one and end up conflating the rational persons opinion or observations into an accusation and/or assumed preference. Not a good argumentation tactic, but effective at calling in the "torches and pitch fork" mob for silencing rationality.

  2. I agree.

    Adolescence starts about 9-12, physical sexual maturity happens by 13 to 15. Some time between 13 and 15, your reproductive organs become fully functional.

    By 16 years old, you are functioning at the same or greater mental and physiological capacity as any adult. At 16 or 17, you are on the cusp of your prime. You simply do not have the wisdom and maturity as an adult with more life experience.

    Adolescence doesn't actually end until about 20-22. From 16-22, people essentially gain muscle mass or fill out while hormones are balancing out. But they are otherwise basically grown up by about 16 or 17.

    As for the circumstances in question, or other "statutory rape" allegations, etc... As long as there is consent by all parties, it is difficult or impossible to argue there is a victim. At 16, you are at least mature enough to decide who you want to have sex with. And it is normal behavior to explore your sexuality, especially at that age.

    Growing up, I knew several girls of 16-17 who were dating older men in their 20's or 30's. I heard what they thought about it. They were hardly victims.

    And I posit that it is natural for a girl to desire an older, more mature and stable partner. I also posit that men have a primal drive to seek younger, less intimidating females with more vitality and reproductive capability. It's been that way for a LONG time.

    Law imposes a forced false standard and says that you are a helpless innocent ignorant child unable to take responsibility for yourself or manage your sex life, until the stroke of midnight on your 18th birthday whereby a magical transformation takes place that results in you being a fully functional mature adult. It is just another example of how government imposes a forced false reality and criminalizes natural normal human behavior and existence.

    1. And remember, for many things the State in its "wisdom" says you aren't an adult until the stroke of midnight on your 21st birthday, when suddenly.... MAGIC!! You are now an adult on those things you weren't an adult on when you were an adult on other things for the past 3 years. Statism is a sign of immaturity.

  3. Pretty sure this is a setup. The site he met her through is supposed to be 18+. And after all, he DID really upset member of both the "PURPLE!" and "GREEN!" factions of the Stazi...


    1. I've always wondered if the State expects everyone to exchange State-issued ID when they meet. And, if so, what's to prevent the State from issuing fake ID in order to entrap someone? Nothing.

    2. What with the increasingly ridiculous expectations of obtaining consent before doing anything that the ninnyhammers want to enforce, I wouldn't be surprised at all if swapping IDs will soon be an expected part of courtship. "May I kiss you?" "Sure!" "May I kiss you again?" "Maybe...." (interminable waiting) Sadly, I've heard what is being expected at college campuses in that regard and though I think consent is an important, they are Going About It All Wrong. I semi-jokingly think it's a plot to get us all to stop breeding.

  4. how old are 3D printed botsextoys?

    weeks old? less than 18 years since manufacture?

    so is it hours on the clock?

  5. This stinks of govt revenge and entrapment and a setup. The woman/girl in question said she was 18+, consented to sex, and in quite a lot of states would be above the age of consent.

    This is likely the feds and state govt using NSA wiretaps etc., waiting for ANY excuse to take him down and silence someone who stood up for our 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

    He's about to become a political prisoner.

    Jim Henshaw

    1. What can we do to help him? ...aside from voicing our disgust of the state.

    2. I wish I knew. If you were in Taiwan you could give him a place to hide out for a while. I read that he tried to rent an apartment, but the landlord recognized him and reported him. I don't know if that means he has been kidnapped by armed government employees or if he's still hiding.