Sunday, November 04, 2018

End government; improve health

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for October 3, 2018)

Have you seen there are people who are blaming their health problems on the results of the most recent presidential election? Not just their mental health and happiness, as with the widespread "Trump Derangement Syndrome", but their physical health, too. They believe politics, of a particular sort, is making them sick. If so, it's because they have chosen to get sick over politics.

In which case they take politics much too seriously.

Had their preferred candidate won they wouldn't be suffering this way, or wouldn't admit it if they were.

I'm not thrilled to be forced to put up with any president or other politician. It's as if I'm forced to buy tires and insurance for a car I've never owned and have no use for. I don't make myself sick over it, though.

It would be healthier for those who are making themselves sick to find something productive to do.

Go do something a less-responsible person might want government to do. You don't need a law to give you permission to get things done.

Join a pet rescue group on social media. See a person in need and help them out. Plant a garden. Check your emergency preparations and water supply. Or inhale helium and recite squeaky poetry. Anything's better than getting sick over politics.

Although I'm not a fan of video games, it amuses me that people who waste their lives on politics act as though they are doing something more productive than the people who sit in front of a screen for days at a time, controlling imaginary characters in made-up situations. Politics is just as unproductive, but more harmful. Real deaths, property damage, and-- apparently-- health problems result from playing politics. I thank the gamers, who stay away from seeking to control the lives of others through politics, for their service. Their sacrifice doesn't go unnoticed.

You may believe I'm joking, but there's not a person in the world who is fit to govern others. Not one. Least of all those who want to hold political power and call it "service". Instead of trying to remove people from the office they hold, or to block them from getting on the Supreme Court so you can put someone else into the job, just abolish the position. I promise you wouldn't miss it. Judging from those suffering due to the political winds not blowing their way, your health would probably improve, too.

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