Saturday, October 13, 2018

Government is creepy

Feel free to ignore the LP plug on the bottom; it doesn't change the truth of the rest.

So, imagine you were in a relationship with someone and they gave you this note. 

Imagine it was an arranged "marriage" set up long before you were born, by superstitious ancestors. 

What if the "partner" also refused to abide by the conditions that were put on them at the time this arranged "marriage" was written up?

Would you feel obligated to abide by these rules? 

Would you love the one who imposed these conditions on you?

How could anyone see this as anything other than maximum creepiness?

This blog is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.


  1. It's not subtle enough - my leftist fiancee was outraged until the sixth bullet point didn't end after prohibiting trade without their permission.

    Prog feminists ought to be outraged at this abusive man right up to the "signature" for maximum effect.


    1. I was thinking about typing this up. You could do the same and modify it to be more subtle. If you do I would like for you to share your version.

  2. Our Relationship Rules:

    * You will not make money without telling me

    * You will not leave my property without my permission

    * If you attempt to leave my property after getting my permission, I will grope you first while bystanders watch

    * You will pay me a large percentage of your income or get locked in a cage

    * You will not own anything I don't approve of or get locked in a cage

    * If you do not pay me whatever I demand, you will get locked in a cage

    * If you trade, you can only do it with my permission

    * If you want friends to come over from another place, they must get my permission first. If they are of an ethnicity I don't approve of, I may grope them, put them in the cage, or send them back home without getting to see you

    * You will let me listen in our your phone calls, texts, emails, or any other communications. You will let me bug your computer and watch you and listen to you through its camera and voice ports, even if you're not using it

    * I will monitor your every movement through a tracking device on your cell phone.

    * I will take your money as I see fit and spend it as I want. My friends will get a cut.

    * I will ask you to periodically publicly show your approval of me. If you demur, my friends will visit you at home and accost you in public, demanding you make this show of loyalty.

    * If you complain about any of the above, it's a sign you don't love me, and I may lock you in the cage to teach you to respect me.

    Your loving companion,

    The Federal Government

    1. I would suggest having men walking up to random women sitting in public places and silently handing them this notice, and then watch them while they read it, see how far they get before the cognitive dissonance kicks in.

    2. That's awesome.

      I wonder how long until you'd get reported to the cops and registered as a "sex offender" for handing out that note.

    3. I'm pretty sure there would be women who would call the cops, because reading to the end and getting the irony of calling for help from the enforcers who you've just been pointedly told are not there to help you, is hard. Doubt I'd stick around for them to show up, but if so, the First Amendment right to political speech like this hasn't yet been entirely shredded.

  3. "You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about."
    - Hillary Clinton

    uncivil civilization.
    it's government: my way, or we fight to the hilt.

    1. correction.
      actually, what' she's saying is: it's her way, or she kills you.

      ('my way' is rather different than her way)

    2. I didn't think for a moment you were speaking for yourself there. You don't think like government tools.