Tuesday, October 09, 2018

"Why bother?"

The argument that it's useless to abolish government ("The State") because someone will just come along and establish another one is very weak. And irrelevant.

Someday you are going to die. Does this mean there's no point in defending yourself from some evil loser who wants to murder you? Does this mean it would be pointless for me to step in to save you if you were hanging to the edge of a cliff?

Illness and pain are a fact of life. Does this mean you should never bother taking a painkiller or trying to medicate your way back to health? Maybe you shouldn't even bother trying to avoid getting sick or needlessly injuring yourself.

Government is death and illness in a (largely) self-imposed form. You don't need it. It's holding you back and making you weak.

Sure, some moron would probably try to set up another government if there were none. So? It's still better to kill off the superstition now and then deal with any remission later.

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  1. It's a valid concern, that after the state has vanished someone will try to replace or resurrect it. There is however a logical trap here that I think will stop such a backlash.

    In my opinion, the state will never vanish until and unless virtually everyone in society has been so well re-educated as to decline to work for it. That education is already in process and is entirely do-able, but it's an absolute prerequisite.

    Now, if the whole population is rightly disgusted with government, how can any new version of one possibly gain a foothold? Everyone having quit government employ, who would work for a new one?

    1. I don't think there'll ever be a 100% agreement. Look at how many still celebrate Nazis-- I think state worship will be the same. Hopefully, the idea will be unpopular enough to stay a fringe cult, looked down upon by all sensible people. (Wait, it's already looked down upon by all sensible people.)

    2. nazis did kill lots of communists. ground that soviet army down pretty good.
      sometimes, both sides are evil.
      f*ck communism.

    3. No need for "100% agreement" - but if the state is to vanish, there is a need for 100% to repudiate the idea of working for it. Or very close to 100; if the generals continue to bark orders, it doesn't matter so long as there are no grunts to carry them out.

  2. Why take anti-biotics? One bacteria or another will eventually come back?
    Why give the dog flea medicine? Eventually, the dog will get fleas again?

    Parasites will return. But your life is better if/when you knock them back from time to time, so the parasites are less of a nuisance/disruption in your life.

    parasites = government. feasting upon the productive.
    gotta knock em back, from time to time.