Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Free market means individual choice

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 28, 2018)

I love the free market. The market, liberated from government rules, subject only to the choices of individuals.

One of my choices is to not shop on major holidays. If I knew for certain the store let employees volunteer to work on the holiday it would be different. As it stands, no sales or discounts can entice me to shop on Thanksgiving or Christmas when I know the employees were probably coerced into working instead of spending the holiday with their the rest...

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  1. Can you copy and paste your editorial? The newspaper is now requiring a sign-in or subscription.

    1. I was able to read it without signing in... I think they only allow a certain number of views per month. Try accessing it from a different IP address and see if that works.

    2. I'm not allowed to post it anywhere in full for 30 days. However, you might check with Everything Voluntary-- they often post it early. And, if nothing else, come back in about a month (probably on December 30) and I'll update this post with the entire column.

    3. Here it is on Everything Voluntary: link

  2. An admirable stance! And one I generally abide by as well. I try not to buy things on Sundays or holidays. However, for the few times it's been necessary, I have been extremely grateful for those that do work at undesirable times!