Sunday, December 09, 2018

Immigration isn't a real problem

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 7, 2018)

Emotions are running hot on the topic of immigration these days, both for and against, with most of the current drama surrounding birthright citizenship and migrant caravans.

Immigration is a government-caused problem which can't be solved with more government.

I'm not talking about people being imported and settled by government; that's not immigration. I completely oppose such government programs. I'm only talking about people making their own way to a new place.

People tend to move from places with less liberty to places with more. More liberty also creates prosperity. Despite the best efforts of the Department of Homeland Security and the government's other "Alphabet Soup Agencies" America still has more liberty than some other places. I'm sure they'll close this loophole as soon as possible so no one will want to come to America anymore.

Until they succeed, people will want to move here.

An inconvenient fact for those claiming to oppose only "illegal immigration": there's no such thing. Regulating immigration isn't allowed by the Constitution. The parts commonly used to justify immigration control only allow government to regulate the importation of slaves and to set the rules for becoming a new citizen. Immigration restriction isn't permitted. I'm not saying this is good or bad, but as it stands government immigration control isn't legal.

Any government employee who enforces a law which isn't allowed by the Constitution is a criminal, while those who break unconstitutional laws aren't.

If you don't like this, petition for a constitutional amendment which allows government to control immigration.

Honestly, though, there's no such thing as "immigration". There are only people moving around. Either a person is where they have a right to be, through property ownership or an arrangement with the property owner, or they are trespassing. "Public land" can't, by definition, be trespassed upon, regardless of the claims of government. Whether you allow others to use your private property is your choice, not the choice of your neighbors or the voters.

If newcomers are a problem, there are ways to fix it.
- Abolish all tax-funded welfare and replace it with voluntary charity.
- Stop allowing politics, and votes, to violate rights. Natural human rights are never legitimately up for a vote nor subject to a law, no matter how many voters believe otherwise.
- Stop criminalizing defense of life, liberty, and property, and encourage everyone to carry the proper tools of defense at all times.

Immigration isn't a problem, unless you allow government to keep making it a problem.

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  1. Of course it's not a problem. Imaginary enFORCED lines are.

    But you aren't going to convince the multiple millions/billions of stupid selfish evil people that slavery is not the solution to everything. The only way it's going to change is to first kill billions of people.

    Drop a couple of thousand nukes on Mexico USA and Canada, reduce the population to about 3%. Then watch the news and see who gives a fuk about immigration. Wait 50 or 60 years and turn on the news again. No one will care then either.

  2. "Regulating immigration isn’t allowed by the Constitution."

    isn't defense explicitely enumerated?
    defense against whom? invaders perhaps.

    defense is rational for any entity.
    what are the arguments against defense?

    1. There's a difference between an invading military working on behalf of a competing State and a rag-tag bunch of people escaping a competing State.

      Defense is rational and good. Government telling property owners who they can't allow (or bar, for that matter) on their property, and whom they are allowed to hire, etc. is not "defense".

      And, of course, the anti-immigration argument that you can't allow new people into an area because of the welfare state is just an argument against having a welfare state.

      And if you need to defend yourself from someone, does it really matter where that person came from? Defend yourself and don't worry about the irrelevant part.

      Without government mucking everything up (as always), this wouldn't even be an issue.

  3. agreed.
    "if you need to defend yourself from someone", then do it.

    defending against the individuals comprising gangs of invaders- is good.

  4. a collective is actually a group of individuals. each of whom is responsible for their actions.

    commies see the collective.
    i see individual invaders.