Monday, November 19, 2018

Rep(rehensible) Eric Swalwell

That congressvermin who said that if you think you should keep your guns to fight tyranny, it would be a short fight because the government has nukes...

Yeah, he was probably "joking". So? It shows how he "thinks". It shows him as a government supremacist at the very least.

If the tables had been turned and someone joked about nuking congress-- or his personal house while he and his family (if any) were in it-- do you think he would have found it hilarious? Do you think he would have accepted it as nothing but a sarcastic joke?

You know he wouldn't have. His life is too valuable to take the chance. You are the expendable one to this parasite.

Anti-gun bigots are disgusting. That one would sarcastically "joke" about nuking Americans just because we value our natural rights over his mass-murderous opinions shows this without a doubt.

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  1. He wasn't joking about using lethal force to put down resistance to gun confiscation, even if he knows enough about nukes to know that those weapons are worthless for ending a guerrilla war.

    And the common ground he talks about would be a negotiation conducted with one side held at gunpoint, an offer you couldn't refuse.

    1. Yep. "Compromise"... meaning how much are you going to give up this year, so we can take more next year.

      Here's my offer to compromise (yeah, it's dated): link