Sunday, November 11, 2018

Theft makes "society" happy

Is it good to take your property from you if doing so makes me feel good, and makes the person I give it to feel good?

What if almost everyone says they are made happier when I take your property?

People who believe in "public good" are OK with it. And, it seems that everyone who believes in political government thinks it's OK.

Even if you say you only support a "night watchman government" you're advocating the same thing with the same justification. But you can keep your "night watchman"; I don't need or want one. I have better things to spend my money on. If I come to believe I need a night watchman I would rather spend my money on security cameras and more weapons. If for some reason I feel particularly scared for a while I would rather hire a night watchman of my own choosing, and I wouldn't expect you to chip in to pay him... unless you want to.

I see people who support government making this kind of argument all the time. They believe if enough people are happy that my money is being taken, then it's good. I would be crazy to object-- my opinion isn't a serious opinion. I am not one of the "adults" contributing to the conversation. All because I don't support theft just because "the majority" are made happy because of it.

Funny that I don't see it that way at all. There is NOTHING I want bad enough to have someone steal from you to pay for it on my behalf.

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  1. you got social oblagations to pay for pipes police and poor not paying makes high crime rate low real estate and drug adiction just because you want something dont give you a right to negect people and disobey law why can't libertrarians grow up and quit wining about doing there fare share what makes you special that you dont got to contribute you use roads water and internet too youd call the cops if you got robbed when you get old hungry and homeless when you still cant get a haircut and get real job you be begging for government to bail you out like you're ayn rann buy thousand guns and watch alex jones all you want you still got pay taxes or you go to jail

    1. I'm guessing you are a product of government schooling.
      Your inability to spell, use grammar, and reason rationally is a dead giveaway.