Sunday, February 24, 2019

Special People and their bad opinions

Hollywood types almost always seem smarter before they open their mouths.

The fastest way for me to lose respect for someone is for them to express a political opinion. I know it's not polite to point out that opinions can be wrong, but they can be.

Saying tea is better than coffee is an opinion. There is no rightness or wrongness to it-- it's subjective. But to advocate slavery is wrong, even if that's your actual opinion. And these Hollywood people open their mouths to promote these kinds of things so often it's become routine. They pretend they're promoting something social justicy, but they aren't. It's anti-social and unjust.

There are so many ways to be wrong; so few ways to be right. It's entropy of a sort. Chances are if someone expresses a political opinion it's going to be a bad one. One that exposes them as an ignorant anti-liberty bigot. If they express this opinion innocently, that's one thing. Maybe they can be educated. If they express it with an air of superiority, I'm not going to be impressed.


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