Sunday, March 31, 2019

Pro-crime people

You can't be pro-police and anti-crime. If you say you are, you're lying.

I see this delusion all the time. People support the largest organized crime gang in existence-- the Blue Line Gang-- and pretend it's because they hate crime. That makes no sense whatsoever.

If you are pro-police you are pro-crime.

Sure, maybe you choose to be violated by the members of this crime gang instead of being violated by the members of a competing crime gang, but I don't see that as a plus.

Freelance gang members are generally seen as fair game during any attack. Shoot one and you might not be punished.
But shoot a Blue Line Gangster in self-defense and the power and violence of the government religion will be brought down on you.

People who support police are supporting crime. Much worse crime than that supported by any other crime supporters. When they claim otherwise they have zero credibility.

Speaking of the religion of government, have you seen this powerful video?


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  1. that video is a very nice argument for ative vigorous population constraining govt to limited and enumerated powers.

    lame inactive whiney serfs do not constrain govt. only a vigorous people keep govt in check.

    1. begging cedes control.

      from time to time, the population has to re-assert dominance, or the corruption devores society. (past time, imho)

    2. "...a vigorous people keep govt in check"
      Will it be allowed or fought with deadly force?

  2. since govt = force...

    only one way to keep that in check: vigorously. rinse. repeat from time to time.