Saturday, March 30, 2019

Water preps pay off

Just a little note to mention something interesting.

A bit over 2 weeks ago was the windstorm that ripped away my shingles and knocked out the power for 15.5 hours. Well, Thursday afternoon the whole town (as far as I know) lost water when a water main burst and flooded part of town.

The water was back on Friday morning, but we are under a 72-hour "boil order" now. As if anyone would need to warn me to boil the water... But, I don't need their water. I'll make it on my stored water until Monday (if that's still when the boil order ends), easily. In fact, I've barely dipped into what I have stored.

I did tape off the faucets (as in the picture above) as a reminder to not use the tap water. Habits are hard to buck!

Twice, in two weeks (plus one day) I've relied on my "preps" to smooth over a situation that would have been worse if I hadn't prepared. Even my parents had stored water due to my advice.

Fun times!

I should know better than to ever listen to government about anything. The incompetence is a standard feature. And, honestly, I wasn't trusting them much.
Monday the 72-hour boil order came to an end. I checked around and no one had heard any different. Just now (Tuesday, 7:30 pm), almost 2 days later, I find out they had extended it until tomorrow at noon-- unless they decide something different by then. Good job keeping the people informed, morons.


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  1. Don't forget to run the taps for a while after the "boil order" is over. If you're not using the water in your pipes, it may contain some contaminated water which should be flushed out before trusting the water as safe.

    1. The boil order was over yesterday morning, and I ran every tap in the house for about 10 minutes each. I also ran the water heaters out of hot water. I hope it was enough.

    2. Check the update I'll add to the post.