Monday, April 01, 2019

Bad decisions

A couple of years ago, someone (a "Right" Statist) told me a young person I hadn't seen in years was going to become a cop. I didn't react as expected.

I was expected to be happy and supportive, but you know I wasn't.

I didn't say anything directly unpleasant, just expressed concern over someone I care about joining an aggressive gang of thugs. I was berated for my concern. I was told this person was looking to "make something" of herself-- doing something "for the good of society". All the normal statist selling points.

I said that even if a good person becomes a cop, they are no longer a good person once they put on that badge. They can't be. I said I cared about the person and her family too much to support such a tragic choice. I was scoffed at for saying it was a tragic choice.

And I haven't heard from the person who told me that since then. I don't even know if the young person went ahead with it or not. I don't want to know. The answer might make me sad.


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  1. All police are either ignorant or evil, some are both.

  2. No, you are wrong, cops don't start off 'IGNORANT OR EVIL". A Florida teacher wrote a book, "Signal Zero" about his journey from teacher to LEO. He found it was a job that changes a person, and it's hard to resist the change due to world and peer pressure. Many go in with the best of intentions, I did, but if you don't change, it will grind you up and spit you out.

    1. How can "the best of intentions" include working for a paycheck financed by theft ("taxes" and "fines") and committing acts of enforcement-- enforcement of counterfeit "laws"? There are no good cops.