Friday, May 31, 2019

Statist "logic" #2

Going back to the programmable bullet killer drone issue, this particular statist claimed that only virtually unlimited government power could protect "the people" from these killer drones or other terrorist acts.

And, government can only protect you from terrorists when it sees all and knows all. So, trust government and don't worry about it getting more power and spying on everyone all the time. It's for your own safety.

That seems rather silly and poorly thought out. And dangerous.

Why trust government to protect me from terrorists when I trust government less than I trust other terrorists?

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1 comment:

  1. without government, who would...
    - kill Vicki Weaver
    - kill Levoy Finicum
    - set a church on fire in Waco, killing 75 people
    - assault Lexington and Concord, attempting to steal our cannons
    - send assault troops to Bundy ranch, attempting to clear land for vice president family graft scheme
    - < add list of another 10,000 assaults here >

    ? without govt/cartel/gangs- who would build the roads, hand out free food and shelter, and kill and enslave people ?