Friday, June 14, 2019

Librarian-- Not a fan...

Overheard by someone else and related to me (probably not verbatim) during a trip to the library:

Library patron: "Who is that guy?"
Reference desk librarian: "That's McManigal. He writes for the paper. I don't care for him. I think he's crazy."

You win some, you lose some.

I was just minding my own business while my daughter picked out a book. I guess the reference desk librarian/notary doesn't like me. How hurt should I be by this revelation?

It doesn't change how I feel about libraries. I love libraries... I love them enough that I want to free them from government control. You can't love something more than that.


Writing is my job.
YOU get to decide if I get paid.


  1. That could have actually been a win... it's free advertising for your column!

    1. Yep. It honestly didn't bother me. I thought it was funny.

      And depending on what the listener thought of that librarian, it could be an endorsement of sorts. I think it's a good thing when toxic people distance themselves from me. It saves me the trouble.

  2. depending on state library services.
    like depending on state security services.

    I love liberty minded folks so much- that I want to help them free themselves from government dependency. You can't love something more than that.

    Get libraries away from govt.
    Get schooling away from govt.
    Get your security away from govt.
    Depending on the state in any manner- is a dependency.
    Choose freedom over dependency.