Sunday, August 04, 2019

Keep American spirit of 1776 alive

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for July 3, 2019)

America was born in an act of secession. Those future Americans told an overbearing central government-- the world's most powerful empire and military at the time-- it was no longer welcome. It had lost the consent of the people.

Of course, the overbearing central government didn't want to let go. They never do. It had to be convinced. Its military had to be defeated and sent away.

It's a precedent which should be continued to this day.

Washington D.C. is much worse, by every measure, than King George III ever dreamed of being. The overbearing central government America is now burdened with steals many times more in taxes than its British predecessor did, and claims to have the imaginary authority to watch and control every aspect of our lives. Not only the lives of Americans but the lives of people all over the globe. This is the height of arrogance. Washington D.C. has become a global empire.

A global empire can't last. They never do.

How much will Americans put up with before they finally tell this overbearing central government to pound sand-- and back it up with meaningful action after the inevitable refusal?

Federal supremacists believe Abraham Lincoln's war settled the question of whether states are allowed to divorce the Union or are obligated to be eternally crushed under the heel of a relationship which no longer benefits their people. Any union which can't be withdrawn from is no longer a union; it is slavery. I never support slavery under any conditions-- in fact, I'm more firmly against slavery than is anyone who believes in governing others.

Slavery was already dying out in the Western world. It would have soon ended in America, too, without killing multitudes of Americans and rejecting the spirit of the Declaration of Independence in the process.

Even if you don't want to secede from Mr. Lincoln's union, you should keep the threat alive in the minds of the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington. A credible secession movement might slow the growth of the American police state. If it doesn't, you may eventually change your mind.

It's not that I believe the fifty state governments are better. They need to be seceded from as well, but it can wait.

America began with an act of secession; I believe secession is something the real American spirit can't survive without.

This Independence Day, keep the American Spirit of 1776 alive. Celebrate the honorable American tradition of secession.

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  1. “Slavery was already dying out in the Western world. It would have soon ended in America, too, without killing multitudes of Americans and rejecting the spirit of the Declaration of Independence in the process”

    I fully concur with this evaluation. It is my belief that if the northern US has simply let the South secede (as they had every right to do) that the institution of slavery would very probably have withered away in possibly as short a time span as the length of the subsequent, and completely unnecessary war. The prohibition against further importation of new slaves would have been even easier for the North (and the other maritime nations that had already abolished the trade) to continue to impose than the much harder to stop importation of non-human merchandise that nevertheless was effectively barred by the blockade of southern ports. Before secession, escaping slaves would have faced a perilous and lengthy crossing of the entire northern portion of the US crawling with federally paid slave catchers mandated by the federal Fugitive Slave laws and inhabited by a population in large measure, even more hostile to blacks than in the south, to reach safety in Canada. After secession and the certain removal of the Fugitive Slave law, only a simple border crossing would have sufficed as the Northern hostility to the South would have probably resulted in the facilitation of the transport of escapees out of the South to Canada or elsewhere. This accelerating hemorrhage of the enslaved labor of the South would have shortly led to the decline of its economic utility and eventual abandonment. And this without the wholesale butchery of a brutal war that left bitter resentments that not even the passage of a century and a half have fully alleviated but even more damaging, the rise of a power mad centralized State that after destroying the voluntary republic of the founders replaced it with a despotic tyranny that today oppresses all domestic residents, no matter their skin color, as well as those of the entire world.

    R R Schoettker