Sunday, August 04, 2019

Enough enabling, already!

Another evil loser killed a bunch of people. This time at a mall and Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

It infuriates me that anti-gun bigots keep making this type of event more likely.

He, or a comparable evil loser, would have free rein at the local mall and Walmart. Because both of those places post "No Guns" signs. The stupid behind this sort of "thinking" astounds me.

I see people ignore the signs and open carry while shopping in the local Walmart. People who are obviously not Blue Line Gang special flowers. Probably unintentionally-- New Mexico is an open-carry state, after all. I've never seen the Walmart management throw anyone out for ignoring the "We don't care if you die" signs. But they are there as an invitation to evil losers, regardless. They make the customers and employees much less safe by their presence. If I were rude and didn't mind drawing attention to them I'd thank them for their service.

The local mall lost some of their "No Guns" signs over the past few years. You can actually walk in some entrances which don't have the insults posted by them. But one entrance that I know of still has one by it. I don't go there enough to have noticed whether people ignore that sign-- but you know they do.

If anyone ever decides to go on a murder spree, they aren't going to change their mind because guns are "forbidden" on the property. They'd just be able to murder uninterrupted for longer than they would if someone was shooting back. And all metal detectors at the door would do is cause the evil losers to come in shooting... while the useless alarms blare.

Anti-gun "laws"-- "gun control [sic] laws"-- KILL. Enough is enough.

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  1. Was there a "No guns" sign at the El Paso Walmart?

    If so it would explain why, in an open-carry state, nobody in the store took down the murderer with a well-aimed shot. Otherwise, that puzzles me.

    1. I don't know if there was. All the Walmarts in this part of Texas and New Mexico have "No Guns" signs posted. Other people tell me all the time that Texas Walmarts don't forbid guns. It must vary from place to place-- or depending on who their regional manager is (all of them in this area, regardless of which state they are in, are under the same regional office). El Paso isn't under the same regional office, so I don't know. It sure is disgusting, though. I don't want evil losers to succeed. I don't understand the mindset of those who enable them with "gun free [sic] zones".

  2. Based on Google StreetView, it doesn't look like they have signs posted. That makes this shooting an interesting anomaly...

    PS - Glad you're back, Kent!

    1. The local Walmart's signs wouldn't show from the parking lot for a Google street view capture. They are on the inside set of doors, after you've come in through the outer doors. Still, maybe that one wasn't posted-- I keep being told "Walmart doesn't ban guns from their property" while I see pretty compelling evidence that at least some (all of them in this region) do.

    2. I tried looking at the inside doors, but they're harder to see. Seems like you'd want to display any important messages at the earliest opportunity... but then I guess those who ban guns aren't the brightest bulbs in the string!

    3. How twitchy do you think they'd get if I took pictures of their doors?