Monday, August 05, 2019

The anti-gun bigots' silly strawman

Anti-gun bigots have a "new" favorite strawman. They demand to know why the right to own and carry weapons (they'll sometimes mischaracterize this as "Second Amendment rights") is more important than the right to not be murdered.

The dishonesty-- or ignorance-- displayed by such a question is absolutely stunning.

You and I have the natural human right to own and to carry weapons. No one has the right to use those weapons to harm someone who isn't currently violating the life, liberty, or property of another. There is no conflict, and at least some of those anti-gun bigots know it.

You also have no right to make up "laws" which violate anyone's rights in any way. And since that's what all the harmful "laws" do, those who support these "laws" are currently violating life, liberty, and property. Not smart.

You have no right to make up anti-gun "laws". You can't delegate a right you don't have (because it can't exist) to someone else. If you try to do either of those things YOU are the bad guy. Just as bad as the evil losers who inspire your calls to action.

Anti-gun bigots would have us live (and die) in a failed society where only the government goons and freelance thugs are adequately armed. That's not civilized. It's prison.

Burn their strawman to the ground and leave them exposed as the bad guys they are.

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  1. One of the more flagrant instances of cognitive dissonance in 21st century America is the near universal inability of both individuals and institutions to be able to distinguish between attack and defense and their fallacious conglomeration into a generic ‘violence’ that mistakenly obscures the justice of the one with the wrong of the other. We live in a State where preemptive and unilateral attacks and invasions are promulgated as necessary for our ‘defense’ in the complete absence of any actual threat or even the pretense of the possibility of one. Can we really feign surprise when the immature and mentally unhinged and ethically deficient individuals among us adopt the same twisted actions with the same erroneous justifications when this is the example they have seen all their lives? When the society itself continuously clamors for the relinquishment of tools that are used overwhelmingly for protective self-defense, what other explanation can there be but that they can’t see or make a distinction between murderous attack and an appropriate, necessary and proper defense. When people can no longer tell right from wrong it is a futile hope that they will act decently.

    R R Schoettker