Sunday, September 08, 2019

"If only they'd pass some gun laws!"

Scott Adams is mistaken about anti-gun "laws".

One tactic he uses when discussing (and pretending he isn't advocating for) more anti-gun "laws" is to say it's reasonable to enforce anti-gun "laws" by pointing out that we already have "laws" concerning other dangerous things. He says, for example, that cars are regulated, and that seat belt use is mandatory, and he's OK with that. He doesn't feel oppressed at all by losing that bit of freedom when he puts on a seat belt.

But by making this argument he's implying that guns remain unregulated, and they aren't. Not even close!

If there were zero anti-gun "laws" being enforced he might have a point in comparing them to cars-- he would be wrong for a lot of reasons, but you could admit that some other dangerous things besides guns are subjected to "laws", so why not guns, too?

But there are anti-gun "laws". Thousands of them.  It is dishonest to pretend there are no anti-gun "laws" so this is an idea that needs to be "tried". It's been tried. These "laws" keep failing and making things worse everywhere they are tried. It's time to stop doing what doesn't work and to try something different.

It is dishonest to pretend that there need to be "laws" regulating guns "for safety" when those kind of "laws" are already suffocating us.

Check out all his other superstitious beliefs about guns at the tag Scott Adams on guns.

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  1. Not only that but he conflates a privilege with a right. It's the same tired fallacy.

    1. Owning and operating a car is just as much a right as owning and operating a gun. You have the natural right to own and use property in any way you see fit, so long as you don't violate others.

    2. Absolutely right. I've written on that topic before. Here's just one example: link

  2. No doubt, that conflating a privilege with a right thing is pretty deeply ingrained. Constantly reinforced by schools, television, newspapers and "politicians as royalty syndrome".

  3. "all laws repugnant to the bill of rights, are null and void."
    - sofa