Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Take the time to pick up trash

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for November 6, 2019)

I'm always in favor of cleaning up litter, so Clovis' semi-annual Trek for Trash last weekend seems like a good idea. A useful task made into a party. An even better idea is to not wait until someone organizes a special event, but to pick up any trash you run across as you go about your daily travels. You can make the world a little cleaner every day.

Decent, responsible people don't litter, and they make sure their trash can't accidentally escape into the wild to violate other people's property rights. I realize the wind around here does a good share of the littering, scattering anything which isn't tied down, but knowing this, responsible people won't leave anything loose for the wind to the rest...

Thank you for helping support


  1. Expanding on the pick up trash idea, I appreciate when people grab an errant shopping cart(s) left behind by people too busy (lazy?) to corral them and put them somewhere they won't become windblown dent making devices.

    1. I do that, too. It gives me a chance to "test drive" the cart if I'm going to need one in the store so I can trade for a better one once inside if necessary, and I just leave it with the other carts inside if I don't need one.