Friday, December 20, 2019

Making politicians nervous since ... ?

Back in college, I took a required course in "U.S. government". I took a lot of required stuff I didn't want to take and had no interest in.

One day we had a special guest speaker; some minor state-level elected politician. I tried to pay attention and be polite in spite of the subject. I didn't ask any questions-- I don't remember if questions were allowed. I don't remember who he was or what his position was. I don't remember what he talked about, either.

What I do remember was that he couldn't stop staring at me while he spoke-- actually losing his train of thought several times.

I wasn't making a scene or making faces at him, so I guess it must have been my home-made buckskin jacket and coonskin cap. It was winter, and that's what I wore in cold weather. I guess if it bothered him that badly he should have spoken to the class during a warm spell.

Maybe he thought I was going to whip out a tomahawk and hurl it at him. But I wasn't going to. I probably wasn't even carrying a tomahawk.

A few years later I married the sister of a fellow classmate (ex-wife #1) and he told me he remembered that class and me.
I wonder if the minor tyrant remembers. I doubt it. But it still makes me smile to remember.
And, no, I don't think I still make any politicians nervous. That was probably a one-time thing.

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  1. I know you don't believe in vibes and energy and stuff, but I do. We all send out energy to others, whether you believe we do or not. That politician was picking up on your energy, realizing, sub-consciously, that you are the type of guy who's not easily fooled by his b.s. I dress fairly normally, but sometimes have this kind of thing happen. The clothing you were wearing was also part of your energy--it was icing on the proverbial cake. I have never met you personally, but I'm guessing your energy is very strong and you are fairly transparent, in that people probably pick up right away that you are honest and not into b.s. Some are more disturbed by this kind of thing than others. Politicians are usually mostly b.s., so I'm guessing you are their energy opposite.

    1. I probably wouldn't call it vibes or energy, but I know what you're taking about. I've gotten a "feeling" from certain people over the years-- both good and bad. And, maybe that's part of what he was picking up on. I don't often listen to politicians speaking, but when I do I sometimes find it hard to keep from laughing at the absurdity they spout. It's just so ridiculous I wonder how anyone can take them seriously-- I even wonder if they believe what they are saying. I don't remember what I was feeling that day, but it may have been along those lines.