Sunday, December 29, 2019

Your lonely intersection

Collective condemnation based on trivial things which weren't chosen and can't make a difference to whether you violate others-- "race", sex, age, IQ, etc.-- is dumb. As is collective coddling based on those same sorts of things.
Collective condemnation based on things voluntarily chosen-- beliefs and behaviors-- can be legitimate.

That's why Statism is a legitimate thing to condemn, collectively. If someone has chosen to believe that governing others is a legitimate human endeavor, and they act on that belief, that's on them. That matters.

It's like any other religion. If you follow it, you chose it-- even if you originally just followed your family's or culture's beliefs without thinking-- and you bear the responsibility. For good or bad.

Many people try to find victims and villains. They use nonsense notions like "intersectionality" to make sure certain people are considered to be as thoroughly victimized as possible. At some point, add enough "intersections" (and they add more every day) and you would single out each person as an individual. Which is what Left-Statists seem to hate the most. Strange how their perverted strategy would lead back to that, but it does.

For example: I am a heterosexual Caucasian male of a specific age, born and living in Occupied America, who is taller than average, not attractive, with a big nose, bad eyesight, and long hair (my choice). All those things have an "individually specific" value and no one has my exact combination.

There's more.
I have an aversion to clothing styles that most people require to be adopted for acceptance into their clique (my choice, again). I have no knack for making money and feel strongly that I am out of place and stuck in the wrong time period (which is ridiculous, I know. It couldn't be other than it is.) There are many other similar "roads" coming together at this particular intersection which defines me that I can't even think of at this moment, but which affect me just as much or more.

That's a lot of roads which intersect right at me. Some "privileged"; some not so much. Some are choices and some are quirks of fate. There is no other human being at the exact same intersection I find myself occupying... which is the same situation every other human on the planet is in. Each intersection only fits one individual. That's just how it goes. It doesn't make you a victim.

You are not a victim except when someone is currently archating against you. And in that case, you have the right to fight back, and no one has the right to forbid your self-defensive acts.

Using the State is never legitimate defense, just because there's no way to aim it precisely enough to avoid harming the innocent. To choose to use the State and its legislation against others, just because you imagine they got a better deal than you, puts you into the category of people who are choosing to join a collective which is-- by definition-- made of the worst people out there. But then I guess you can whine when you reap the consequences of your choices and can feel like a victim all over again.

Writing to promote liberty is my job.
I hope I add something you find valuable enough to support. If so...
YOU get to decide if I get paid.

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