Thursday, January 02, 2020

Unshakable faith in The State

A couple of nights ago, an odd confluence of things made me consider my statist family members.

I'm currently watching The Man in the High Castle after I accidentally subscribed to Amazon Prime for a month, and then I ran across this piece of fiction in The Voluntaryist, and that combination started some wheels a-turning.

Had Germany won WWII, would my parents have grown up to be loyal Nazis? Believing the Bible told them that God had put that government over them and it was their duty to obey and be good citizens?

It really seems as though nothing can shake their faith in the U.S. feral government and its escalating police state. They may oppose certain policies or even most politicians, but they never question the institution of political government itself. They refuse to consider that the U.S. government might not be ethically superior to all others or that perhaps political government isn't necessary at all. And, of course, they are enthusiastic supporters of the State's reproductive organs. They are good Americans in all the ways the U.S. government wants.

So, had they grown up immersed in a slightly different political environment, would they manage to question its legitimacy when they can't seem to do that with this one now? Would any "patriotic American" be able to do that?

I wonder...

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  1. From what you just told us about your parents, I can assure you that your parents are NOT Christians (Those who follow Christ are Christians) Your parents are following a religion, or even more accurately, a preacher.... They are VERY Bible ignorant, and are being duped. God's Word is being twisted and misrepresented (taken out of context) and they are believing the misrepresentation with BLIND faith in something it does NOT say... . Sure, there are verses like you quoted but they (preacher and religion, along with your willing parents) are 100% IGNORING all the verses before them and after them...... The entirety of the Bible has to be considered before coming to a final decision about a subject.

    Now, to the subject at hand.... The bible states that "government" or "authorities" in this instance, have been established to keep things in order, but as soon as there is a conflict between what God says (basically good vs evil) then we are to follow what God says, not the government.... For example, is using tax money for killing babies okay? NO! then you are released (Biblically) from paying taxes, or you are complicit in the killing!!! same thing if the government say's you can no longer be a Christian, are you then okay with God if you stop following Christ? NO!!!

    Religious people are some of the MOST ignorant and STUPID people on this earth....