Thursday, March 19, 2020

Take it seriously, but don't panic

I will admit, I was caught off-guard by this coronavirus event. Not by the virus, but by the level of panic that is going along with it. Panic that is unnecessary and counterproductive. Panic which seems to be spread by certain folks in the media and encouraged by certain political folks.

It's not that I don't take this situation seriously. It's possible to take something seriously without panicking over it. Really, it is! Some people seem to forget this.

I'm taking the pan[ic]demic seriously. I've reduced my human interactions-- not that I was a social butterfly before. I am washing my hands more, especially if I go away from home, and I have actually used hand sanitizer some-- that's new.

I'm glad I have been a prepper most of my life-- taking prepping seriously. And I'm glad I'm not prone to panic.

How can you tell panic from "taking it seriously"?

Maybe the person who failed to prepare and is now desperate to buy treaty paper or bottled water isn't panicking but is only taking the situation seriously... however, if this person is getting into a fight over products in the aisle of the store, they are most likely panicking. They are making things worse, not better.

I'm not going to panic about the disease or about the panic, but I do take both seriously. I take the panic more seriously than I take the disease, seeing it as the far bigger danger.

I hope I've contributed to keeping those around me calm; being a voice of reason (as I see it) in a storm of hyperbole. I think my daughter is taking it in stride pretty well. And it seems my son and his girlfriend are being sensible during this situation, and I hope I've been a good influence there, too.

Of course, I also know people who are neither panicking nor taking it seriously. I hope their choice doesn't lead to trouble for them.

All in all, this situation really hasn't changed my life much, other than the financial blow due to the household (and almost every member of my extended family) losing work. Lots of unpaid "vacation" time and extended time off work. Less money, again. I'm kind of used to that by now-- seeing as how this is the direction it keeps going-- but it's not pleasant at any time. Yet I will be OK.  Mostly because I don't panic and I took the risks seriously enough to prepare long before this virus cropped up. I intend to be ready for the Next Big Thing, too, whatever it may be.

I sincerely hope things are going well in your area.


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