Saturday, April 11, 2020

Padding the pandemic statistics


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  1. That cartoon puts it very well. The published numbers of C-19 deaths bear no relation to the facts; they may be just right, or too low, or (as I think) far too high. And sometimes it might be actually hard to tell; a pneumonia patient is fading, then gets the Wuhan Bug, then dies. What was the cause of death?

    1. After I posted this, I remembered to go check your Wuhan Bug Blog and discovered you were thinking the same thing! "Great minds" and all that.

  2. While searching (in vain) for current reports of total US deaths from all causes (to see whether they had risen, ie whether the C-19 deaths are net or gross) I was able to excavate some data from the UK. Apparently, there is at least one honest employee there in the BritGov's Department of Mortality Statistics.

    An entry there included the phrase "Covid-19 presence noted." Subtle, but it's a clue; just possibly, they are counting a death as Corona-caused just on the basis that the bug was present in the body... whether it caused the death or not.

    It would not amaze me if that employee were reassigned next month to count sheep in the Outer Hebrides.