Thursday, April 09, 2020

Reject Hate

Government is a hate group.

If there's any such thing as a "hate crime", supporting government-- in any way, shape, or form, at any level-- has to be the main one. Anything else pales by comparison.

Reject hate. Reject political government.


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  1. First time here, saw the flag and I thought to myself of those folks cheering on the guy who suckered punched the cop in NYC. You must be part of that group.

    1. Don't think I even know of that event, so I can't cheer it.

      But I'd have to know the details to know how I'd react. Self defense against anyone is always legitimate.

      You say "suckered punched" [sic] which sounds like the cop wasn't violating anyone at that moment, If that's the case, sucker-punching him isn't something I support. But if the cop was committing acts of legislation enforcement in exchange for stolen money... well, that might be an important detail to people with ethics.

  2. You are so right. How much hate does it take to kill innocent people, as the U.S. military does regularly? The insidious government-mandated shutdown of the economy, blamed on a "virus," however, may well take the proverbial cake for hate crimes. In addition to making a mockery of my own daddy and every other man and woman who thought they were fighting for our freedoms, the U.S. government has devastated our economy and our Constitution, which is a hate crime indeed.

    I would look toward the government puppets, "Dr. Faustus" and Trump, as the main culprits, led and sponsored by billionaire Bill Gates. Imagine how flattered Trump is to have an even more "successful" billionaire advising him. These folks seem to be some sick psychopaths; yet, we are supposed to follow what they say. Governors, mayors, and the president blatantly hold news conferences, while none of their "Greek chorus" stands six feet apart or wears a mask. We, their lowly subjects, however, can be fined and imprisoned for not following their ridiculous rules. These are hate crimes indeed, in plain sight, for everyone to see.