Saturday, April 11, 2020

To block is to admit the facts don't support you

Have you ever noticed how fast statists are to block anyone who questions their toxic, childish world-view?

I have and I find it amusing. They have no real arguments to support their beliefs, so they block. If they can block all other voices, they can feel safe (and confident) in their delusion for another day.

My first experience of this was some guy-- who portrayed himself as quite the "progressive" journalist-- who wrote a post calling libertarians racists and "white separatists". I politely pointed out how that wasn't accurate, giving examples and showing how racism, as he described it, would violate libertarian principles. He reacted by throwing a fit in comment form and then blocking me. Not long after this, his entire blog vanished entirely. So much for his journalistic career (I've searched for him over the years and never found a trace online).

I've had disagreements with lots of people (shocking, I know!) but only those disagreements which were due to me pointing out the error of statism to a statist resulted in me being blocked. To me, it shows their weakness and exposes that they know their position is weak.

I have never blocked anyone on my blog. No matter what they said about me, or how nasty they were toward me. And certainly never due to them having a difference of opinion or saying I'm wrong.

Statists are too insecure to do the same. This indicates they know they are wrong-- perhaps only subconsciously. Statism is a weak position, even if it's popular.

(I have deleted 2 non-spam comments over the years-- once when the commenter demanded I delete his comment after he posted it and once by accident while trying to read the comments from my phone.)

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