Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dealing with cops

Treat any encounter with a cop as if you are dealing with an armed, mentally ill serial-killer (who may or may not have murdered yet) who belongs to a huge, nation-wide gang of the same sort of people.

Because that is who you are dealing with.

I once had an encounter with a person like that who didn't wear a badge. I was polite, cautious, and prepared to kill him. Since the person wasn't a cop with "qualified immunity" he didn't escalate his aggression to the point where I would have been forced to act to stop the attack.

If he had been a cop, there's a good chance I wouldn't have survived the aftermath of the encounter.

Cops know they are largely immune from consequences of their actions, since killing one in self-defense is punishable by death. Is that knowledge likely to make them act better or worse? You know the answer if you know anything about human nature.

Abolish the police.

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