Monday, June 08, 2020

Legislation and the responsibility gap

When someone looks at-- or imagines-- evil behavior and says "This is why we have to have laws" they are usually admitting they are not responsible enough to avoid doing the wrong thing. It's an admission of their own ethical weakness.

I don't believe you suffer from that particular weakness-- you don't "need" legislation to keep you from raping, murdering, looting, etc. I feel bad for those who imagine they do, and you probably do, too.

Or alternatively, if they lack the inclination to archate, the claim that "we need laws" is an admission that they don't feel they can be responsible enough to defend themselves (and others) from bad guys. They fantasize that legislation can bridge their responsibility gap.

Either way, it's a failure of personal responsibility and as such is kind of pathetic. Don't be like that.

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