Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Trusting... what?

The blurb claimed: "A new study finds that trust in science predicts compliance with COVID-19 prevention guidelines"


I trust science completely. However, science isn't what most people seem to believe it is. Science is the best method for figuring out reality and making it work for you, consistently.

Science mixed with politics isn't science any more than food mixed with poison is still food. 

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  1. Spot on! The vast majority of what passes for “science” these days is nothing more than telling ‘master’ what he wants to hear, the predictable outcome of “he who pays the piper, calls the tune” when the majority of so-called scientific research is funded by State entities. The utterly laughable bandying about of the oxymoronic phrase “scientific consensus”, which is a thinly veiled assertion of group authority as a measure of trust rather than confirmatory evidence, is symptomatic of this debasement of the process of scientific investigation. These fears have been documented and confirmed by the now well known ‘confirmation crises’ that has shown a shocking percentage of published results in top journals is unable to be replicated by others or even the original authors, with the field of medicine being one of the more frequent areas of concern. Yet in spite of this discovery that knowledge has failed to serve as a warning and these tainted ‘experts’ have their questionable pronouncements still treated as verified fact and used to destroy the individual livelihoods of millions and the economic vitality of entire nations.

    1. Those who don't understand what science is would call you a "science denier". LOL