Monday, July 13, 2020

Encountering a dangerous lunatic

Suddenly last night the above militaristic anti-gun meme started popping up all over Twitter.  Everyone was filling in the blanks with their own fake credentials and acting as though it gave them credibility on the issue of anti-gunism. (Even though, being "copy and paste" I'd be willing to bet money it was all a lie.)

I responded that it was good that no one needed his permission to have a gun. His reply?

"Little NRA punks like you never have the balls to answer the Fatherland's call"
Honestly, I am still bewildered. I keep looking at that tweet and shaking my head.

Does this guy think this was an insult? Could he really be that delusional? Yes. Yes, he could. How did he imagine it made him look? Well, to the festering boils on his side, I guess he looked like a hero because they liked his reply in droves-- just like a good drone should.

But, seriously. "to answer the Fatherland's call"? What is this guy? Yeah, that's a rhetorical question, because he made perfectly clear what he is.

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  1. I think you (and I) fell for a sarcasm troll. A Nazi explaining why civilians don't need Mausers is CLASSIC anti-victim-disarmament stuff.

    1. Maybe... but they sure are defending their position.