Saturday, August 29, 2020

Being a good drone for your side

Good DemoCRAPublicans are expected to say the right things-- "right" according to their particular branch's ideology. Unfortunately, it's the same with good libertarians.

To be a "good libertarian" you've got to say the right things about woodchippers and "pedos", about commies and helicopters, about "gender", and about other things that aren't necessarily very libertarian-- that aren't about recognizing the absence of a "right to archate".

You've got to say the right things about shootings where the shooter may not be anyone to hold up as a hero... and some libertarians see this as relevant for some reason.

I don't always say the "right things", but I don't usually harp on the topics where I think others have gone off the rails because I don't enjoy infighting. I've said my piece and it is documented on this blog somewhere. If I change my mind I'll blog about that, too.


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  1. Perhaps I missed the threads where the phrase "good libertarian" was used, with the implication that disagreeing with the commenter made one a bad libertarian.

    The woodchipper meme as I've seen it refers to hyperbole about what archators in the act of arc hating deserve.

    Genuinely puzzled as to which corner of the internet you've been visiting where libertarians are acting as you described.

    Jim Henshaw

    1. Twitter. LOL.
      I had stopped using it for a long time; just starting again a few months ago. It's a good place to get ideas (as is Quora) but there are a lot of toxic people there, too.

  2. Twitter, FaceDerp, CNN, ABC/NBC/CBS, etc - there may be some useful stuff like Quora on there, but a horrific 15 seconds on my wife's Twitter feed or my mother-in-law MSM TV shows were enough to make me do the mental equivalent of backing warily out of a room, never taking my eyes off the predator.

    Wonderful human beings, both - until one gets on the subject of politics, where the indoctrination / cognitive dissonance is strong. Where when I noted yesterday that downtown Portland is full of rioting antifa - I omitted the word "scum" - and they were like, Oregon used to heavily racist, and so the people rioting might be a false flag by racists trucked in, cause once racist, always tainted.

    Had to try really hard to avoid asking today if the Trump supporter flat out murdered today and then the murder celebrated as killing a "Nazi", all caught on video - was THAT a right wing false flag operation?


    1. I try to avoid discussing political stuff with my relatives. Unless they corner me. My relatives are mainly Right-Statists, except the most recent college graduate who was brainwashed into the totally mindless version of Left-Statism that seems to be the foundation for the Antifa fascists. When she went into a speech on intersectionality at Christmas last year, even my Left-Statist lesbian sister looked over at me and rolled her eyes. I just smiled and kept silent.