Monday, August 17, 2020

Holster-Quest 2020

After my holster melt-down and my test and review of the Urban Carry G3, I was approached by a holster company that wanted to send me a holster to test and review.

I know I'm a difficult case. I'm not optimistic about success. But I'll never know until I try.

I don't know how long until it gets here, nor how long after that I will post the review. But I just thought I'd let you know there will be at least one more post about Holster-Quest 2020.

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  1. What is your "normal" attire? what I found most comfortable when I wore a tucked t-shirt with an untucked unbuttoned shirt over that... I had best comfort wearing a pankake type holster on my strong side hip at (for me,a right hander) 4 o'clock... the brand I used the most was blackhawk, and it was a nylon holster, cost around 20 bucks

    1. Tucked in shirt, with a vest over it. My biggest problem is that I don't hold my pants up with a belt (I wear suspenders). I can't stand belts on my hip bones-- I get big bruises. And that's even without carrying all the gear that I normally wear on the belt. So I can't use anything that rides on my belt if I plan to conceal. I have used IWB holsters and belly-bands the most. Thunderwear was OK but not great.
      My son uses a "sticky holster" and likes it, but he also carries a normal concealment gun, not a full-size 1911.