Monday, August 24, 2020

Placing the solutions off-limits

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"How can we solve this or that problem? Oh, and you're not allowed to change anything that matters! That would be crazy!"

How often do you see this kind of thing from statists? All the time? I do.

They'll ask how "we" can end government corruption, but only without ending political government.
How "we" can fix education, but only without ending government schooling.
How "we" can solve crime, without eliminating anti-defense legislation or ending prohibition.
How can "we" end police brutality without abolishing the police?

The solutions are obvious, but off-limits.

They don't want a solution; they want a pat on the head for being so concerned about the issue.


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  1. being free, includes speaking freely, as well as choosing not to.
    the one consideration is repercussions when people get butt-hurt.
    cops/bullies are one thing. a neighbor or family is another.

    we choose not to speak of intercourse when small children are around. yet it's a happy discussion with a partner.
    similar to not speaking of liberty when cops/govt bullies are around. they are not developed enough to grasp the grown-up things in life.

    so keep children/govt in their place. don't involve them in grown up things. no need to confuse them with ideas they are incapable of processing. do not let them interrupt adult happiness. they are incapable of understanding reality like fully developed adults do.