Friday, August 07, 2020

What does politics do to people?

There are several websites and video channels I've stopped visiting because, although the site or channel isn't political, they've begun regularly injecting politics into their content. Usually to screech "Orange Man Bad!", but sometimes to scold that anyone who isn't a Left-Statist like them is bad or ignorant.

When I want to hear someone's political opinions, I will seek out content focused on politics. If I want to check out other topics-- which is generally what I want-- I go to non-political sites. If those sites start promoting stupid politics I will ditch them like a surprise mummified mouse in my bag of tortilla chips. I can only tolerate a certain amount of stupid in one day and don't want it served to me as a side dish along with my entertainment or information.

Politics makes people stupid. Really stupid people imagine their politics make them look clever or informed.


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