Monday, September 28, 2020

Trump's $750 payment to society's enemy


Am I bothered that Donald Trump only "paid" $750 in taxes in some specific years?

That's like asking if I'm bothered that some billionaire only donated $750 to ISIS, Antifa, or to the KKK.

Or, like asking whether I'm bothered that someone only gave a mugger $750 rather than the million$ the mugger would have preferred.

I'm more bothered that the bad guys got any money from him. I'd rather he'd "paid" them nothing.

Taxation is theft, and theft is wrong no matter who it victimizes. I don't want Kamala Harris to "pay" any taxes. I don't even want Hillary Clinton to "pay" any taxes. 

Money kept out of the hands of The State-- society's enemy-- is always better than money going to The State, even if it's in the hands of someone I can't stand who I believe will use it for evil. I know The State will use it to violate life, liberty, and property-- that's just a given because that's what it has always done and what it always does.

I'm glad for anyone keeping their money from The State. 


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  1. "I'm glad for anyone keeping my money from The State."

    Fixed, no charge.

    Trump's dad "earned" his money on sweetheart government housing contracts.

    Trump managed to mostly hold on to Daddy's stolen money through political favors himself -- everything from eminent domain to NYC shifting tax burdens away from his properties and onto other people's properties, to using the government bankruptcy system to defraud people stupid enough to partner with him.

    Trump's probably never had a dime to his name that he earned through voluntary exchange.

    No, I'm not concerned that he "only" paid the government $750 that the government stole for him from us. But let's not pretend he's anything but the thieving little welfare queen he is.

    1. I'd still prefer he keep that money from going (back) to the state.