Sunday, September 20, 2020

When Really Bad Goons die

Politics is not an honorable job. It is a life of parasitism at best, and at its worst, it's unparalleled evil. It is always the choice to bully others rather than to do the harder work of finding mutually consensual, voluntary ways of getting along

It makes no sense to honor those who choose that path. 

If they champion some category of rights while violating other, equally vital rights, they are not a hero for human rights. Pretending they are, just because they died, is dishonest and is ignoring their many victims.

Saying "good riddance" to such a person is not aggression or archation, while a life spent in politics-- making or upholding legislation which is enforced with death-- is aggression. Don't get the two switched around in your head as some people seem to have done.


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