Saturday, October 31, 2020

Just in case...

Back in the late 1980s, there was a prediction of a major earthquake on the New Madrid fault. I was in the danger zone at that time. I didn't really believe it would happen. I prepared anyway. That was the first time I ever really did anything that could be called "prepping".

Even though I didn't believe the earthquake would happen, I knew it was always possible. I even knew a family in the area whose house was actually splitting due to a minor fault running under it (even splitting the street and curb in front of their house as well). I figured it couldn't hurt me to be ready even if nothing happened. So I did what I could think of, which mostly involved storing water and having a wrench handy to shut off the gas to the house. I've grown a bit since then.

Nothing happened. I wasn't disappointed.

I did the same when "Y2K" was approaching. Again, I didn't believe anything would come of it, but I couldn't see any way it would hurt me to be ready. That time I did more to prepare because by that time I knew more what I was doing.

Again, nothing happened. That time I admit I was a little disappointed.

It's the same situation with the upcoming election. I don't believe anything major will happen, no matter how the election goes. I'm ready anyway. I'll have to wait and see if I feel disappointed afterward.

No matter what happens, I know it is my responsibility to do whatever I can-- within reason-- to prepare. 

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