Sunday, November 08, 2020

Out of the frying pan...

I hope this recent presidential selection would show people that the whole process-- the whole system-- is a fraud. That it has come down to which side is better at cheating.

But, no. This hope of mine will be in vain.

People will still imagine that v*ting matters, when it only matters who gets to count and tally those v*tes in political selections.

For the next period of time-- months, years, decades-- the side that screamed at the sky over Trump will smugly threaten to re-educate and compile "lists" of Trump supporters. And, I suspect, anyone who wasn't sufficiently anti-Trump or pro-Left-Statist.

Trump supporters will criticize the new president/s, but will continue to act as though the system is legitimate, even if it doesn't work exactly as advertised. This means they are as much to blame as their opponents. It's time for them to join the "watch it burn" side.

Until Harris takes over, it appears America will be saddled with the first-ever media selected zombie president (if the old guy makes it to inauguration day). After Harris takes the reins an evil legislation enforcer who lies to keep people caged will be the supreme vermin (not to be confused with Vermin Supreme). With a cop as president, how could anything other than a police state be in store?

Who said 2020 couldn't get more interesting? What else could be waiting in the wings, and does anyone believe 2021 will be less interesting?

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  1. The ‘deep state’ actually runs and rules amerika. Presidents are just superficial but impotent figureheads, the real life counterpart of ‘the great and powerful OZ! (pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!) and elections are just the modern equivalent of gladiator contests to distract and entertain the herd with the illusion of control but not the substance. Nothing will change because only the surface appearances have altered, not the underlying reality.

    Anyone who tries to steer the State in a contrary direction will meet the same fate as the last ‘leader’ who tried to do so 57 years ago and that is why changing leaders is pointless. The only solution is for people to stop following ANY of them, the visible fake ones or the hidden actual ones, and to assert their self-propriety and to reject all control but self-control as free individuals.

  2. Kent, It has been several years since you posted an article on the Federal Reserve.

    . details how the FRBNY is used to transfer $4 billion daily to Wall Street banks. Is it of interest ?

    1. I'll check it out.
      The reason I don't worry so much about the Federal Reserve is that I think it's just a symptom of the whole broken "system". Yeah, it's bad, but so is all the rest.