Sunday, January 10, 2021

Want a Time's Up flag? (with update)

Here's your chance!

They are available again, but for how long? That depends on you.

Go to my website, scroll down and click on "add to cart". 

If I sell enough to make it worthwhile, they'll stay available; if not they won't be around for long because there's a monthly fee for me.

Ready? Set. Go!

Update: Are ya'll done? If everyone who wants a flag has got one, that's fine. But if I don't see more orders coming in, the flags will go away on January 23. That's when my free trial ends and I don't want to be paying for the shop if flags aren't selling regularly. I hope you understand.


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  1. Thanks for offering up the flags, Kent. I just ordered two, one for me and one for my brother.

  2. No worries,Kent. Do what ya need to do, and thanks again for making them available for a time.

    1. I got some more orders, so I may have been jumping the gun here. I'll see how things look as the 23rd approaches.
      I'm happy to have found this solution (and for your reader whose encouragement made me search for a solution again).