Thursday, April 15, 2021

Use the new rules to your advantage

I'm against all forms of government ID.
I'm against v*ting, democracy, and political government of any sort.

I don't believe there's anything legitimate about any election, no matter who v*tes, where, or how many times. The last thing I'd want to do is make it easier for the mob to gang up on my liberty. Don't encourage that kind of bad behavior.

But... I see how the pro-ID people could use this development. If there is no ID requirement to v*te, why not embrace it? Why not take advantage of that for your side? What's stopping you? A superstitious belief that it's legitimate if done by the "rules"? It's not. And if the rules change, in spite of your warnings, you might as well go along to your advantage.

It seems that the people who want v*ter ID to be required could just decide to overwhelm the "system" with their... enthusiastic agreement to the terms... until the other side changes their minds.


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