Sunday, April 11, 2021

Waiting for cops to do the right thing?

People really want to believe in the basic goodness and humanity of others. Even of those who have sold out and rejected their goodness and humanity in exchange for a paycheck and power. A paycheck funded by theft. This includes everyone who lives by the political means, but specifically cops.

They will keep enforcing evil legislation. They will keep stealing, murdering, raping, kidnapping, violating, and whatever else their "job" allows them to get away with, or requires them to do.

They aren't going to rise up and refuse to carry out the schemes of politicians. Not this time; not next time. They will enforce gun confiscations when they are told to do so. They already do this every single day, all over America.

Still, in many people, hope springs nearly eternal. Just the other day, someone said to me:

"I have this fantasy that, at the right time, the cops will wake up. But they won't, will they."

I'm sorry to tell you, but no, they won't. They've had plenty of chances and haven't yet. It's not going to happen. If you were counting on this happening, it's time to make alternate plans.

Those who had any ethics have already quit. The only "good cop" is a former cop.

I've known and had long discussions with cops, former cops, and cops-to-be. Only the former cops have ethics worth anything; frequently making me look like a fawning copsucker by comparison-- they hate what police have become. At least the ones I talked with did.

People who say "Don't tread on me" but who also support "law enforcement" are delusional. They are recognizing the disease while promoting its major fatal symptom. They might as well be saying "Never again!" while praising Hitler, building death camps, and flying the swastika flag.

It may be getting a bit late to change sides. Do you support liberty, or do you support those whose whole career centers around annihilating it? You can't have it both ways. This fence is no longer a comfortable place to sit. Someone is going to topple you from your precarious perch. Which side will you end up on? The cops' side, or the right side?


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