Saturday, May 08, 2021

Be considerate-- Prep

Do you want to be considerate of others? Then you need to be a prepper.

Prepping is most considerate. 

In the early days of the panic-demic, do you know who wasn't out there competing for the rare roll of toilet paper? Preppers. 

Who wasn't fighting with karens in the grocery store aisles for a can of corn or a bag of dried beans? Preppers.

Prep now so you won't be a burden on society-- on your friends and neighbors-- later. Prep so you leave more goods on the shelf for others. Prep so you aren't adding extra demand and pushing prices higher than they'd otherwise go.  Prep so you can watch the collapse in relative comfort.


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  1. THANK YOU! That's exactly how it was for us. No fighting for TP since we already had a good stock - roughly a year's worth sitting in the pantry well before the mighty 'Rona was a gleam in anyone's eyes. Was so nice not having to go and fight the crowds, and let all the little "grasshoppers" fight it out over what was in the stores. Safest way to do it is just buy whatever commodities you might need a little more often actually needed, a stockpile builds up quickly and nobody's paying thousands for a palletload of anything.